Cleaning Cutting Board:


Clean the board with a sponge soaked in a mixture of lemon juice and salt.

Cleaning Copper Pots:


  • Sprinkle salt onto the bottom of your pans.
  • Pour or spray your white vinegar on the salt.
  • Now take your scour pad and rub that vinegar around and into that salt.
  • And you are done!

Cleaning Old Baking Trays:

Hydrogen peroxide
Ordinary Soda

Make a paste of the above .
Apply on tray and leave it for 30 min
Scrub It Off.

Removing Dinnerware Scratches:

Bar Keepers Friend
Paper like Soft Towels 

Wet Dinnerware
Sprinkle little Bar Keepers Friend onto the dinnerware plate
Use paper towels to scrub in the Bar Keepers Friend into the dinnerware plate until the scratches are polished out.

Cleaning Cast Iron Pans:

Heavy-duty Oven Cleaner 
Garbage Bags 
White Distilled Vinegar 
Steel Wool 

Apply the Heavy Duty Oven cleaner to the iron skillet, cover and soak it in for 5 days. 
Ensure that you wear gloves as oven cleaners are caustic.
At the end of the 5 days, wash the cleaner off.
Soak the cleaned skillet in a 2:1 solution of hot water and white distilled vinegar for 30-60 minutes. This should soften any surface rust enough that it can be easily scrubbed away with steel wool. 
Wash the skillet with soap and hot water and dry it thoroughly.


Removing scratches from Sofa:

Olive Oil
Paper towel

Apply the oil to the scratched area of your leather using a soft cloth and rub it. 
Let the oil soak for few minutes before wiping it off.
Using a paper towel or paper napkin, wipe the portion of your leather that you oiled. 
The paper should remove all excess oil. Keep wiping until the paper towel is clean.

Cleaning Grout:

Baking Soda

Mix the ingredients in 1:1
Apply the thich paste on the grout for 10 minutes
Brush it and clean it all

Cleaning Crayons From Walls:

Needables :
Hair dryer

Melt the hard stained crayons using dryer on walls
wipe it off with the towel

Cleaning Window Tracks:

Soapy Solution

Wash the window and window sill with the soapy solution as you know that. Dry it out clearly.
For the window tracks, you can use some vinegar and ear buds to thoroughly clean the grime off.

With the revolution in kitchen field, and the new materials replacing the old ones each day what would you do the old and durable kitchen stuffs..? Here we give you amazing and creative ideas to overcome this scene.. 

Stylish Cabinet Handles From Silver Spoons:

Spoons As Garden Markers:

Garden Markers with painted Wooden Spoons:

Grater Pen Stand:

Old Tea set To Candle Holders:

Heavy Galvanised Buckets To Light Holders:

Trendy Bracelet with Graters:

Wine Bottles As Chandelier:

Wine Pendant Lights:

Old Mug Organiser:

Plastic Cut Bottles To Plant Holders: 

Vegetable Grater To Ornament Hanger:

Hanging Hooking Ideas with Lids:

"Hanky " Chappathi Roller:

Glass Jars To Hold Lights and Candles:

Flask lamp Bases:

Vintage Candle Holders:

Old Baking Trays As Stacked up Stand:

Kitchen Tablet Holder:

Tea Cup Repurposes:

Suspended Cup and Saucer To feed Birds:

Tea Cup Chandelier:

Succelent Tea Cups:

Tea set Clock:

Graters To Suspend lights:

Plate Stand With Stem Glass:

Bend Spoons For Gardening Purpose:

Wall Decor with Pierced Old kitchen Saucepans:

Suspended Silver Spoon Lamp:

Spoons Modified To Hooks:

Fork Hooks:

Tea Sets To Plant Sets:

Grow plants with Jars:

Ladles To Candle Holders:

Light From cup cake Liners:

Pin Tray From Old Baking Tray:

Spoon Necklaces:

Coffee Pot Terrarium:

Suspeneded Whiskers As Candle Holders:

Chandelier From a All in All Kitchen Cutlery Set:

Cup cake Moulds To Fancy Lights: