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  • Cleaning and washing items(water and wiper).
  • Concentration and Monitoring.
  • Little Patience.


  • Turn Off Cylinder and Unplug Appliances- 

Make Sure the gas cylinder is turned off properly and all the electrical appliances such as mixer,oven etc are unplugged.
  • Pack the Food Items-


Make sure all the food items are closed and properly placed and packed like in refrigerator or outside (depending on the food) as required.
  • Clean Stove and Wash Vessels -

Make sure the stove is cleaned, and the used vessels are washed and kept properly in its stand to drain off water.
  • Close Tap and look for Water Spillage-


Make sure the kitchen tap is closed and there are no spilled out water on floor or kitchen slabs(if so, wipe it immediately).
  • Seal the Known Fly Entry Points- 

Make sure the most common entry places of flies and cockroaches(like kitchen sink hole) are neatly sealed.

5 Things to be Strictly Followed in Kitchen at the End of the Day

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