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Under the Cabinet Drawers:

  • Make smart use of the empty space under your cabinet drawers for more storage space and store those things which are not used very often.


Make sure the space under your cabinet is free
Build drawer boxes in the size that can fit under the cabinet.Just glue and nail the sides, front and back together, then glue and nail on the plywood bottom.

Next step is to attach the slides,For this Mount the slides, centering the screw holes on the screw lines. Press the release lever to separate the drawer member from the cabinet member.
Add the cradle base to create a self-contained drawer unit. Fasten the base with screws only

Add the cradle base to create a self-contained drawer unit. Fasten the base with screws only; glue could drip down and gum up the slides.
Attach the cradle under the cabinet and drive screws through the cradle sides just below the slides.
Rest the drawer faces on 1/4-in. spacers. Tack the face in place with two nails, then open the drawer and drive screws into the face from the inside of the drawer box.
Over the Sink Cutting Board:

  • If your kitchen is small in size, get some additional space by using this over sink cutting board for cutting purposes.

Magnetized Spice Jars:

  • Get some pre magnetized jars and store the spices in it. This could save lot of space in your kitchen cupboard.

Double Cloth Hanger:

  • Increase the number of hangers that you can use inside your cupboard by using cheap soda can tabs.

Under Bed  Storage:

  • Make smart use of the empty space below the bed by storing clothes or bags etc., Mostly try to keep those things which you do not take it out often.

Shower Hooks:

  • Save Bathroom space by using shower hooks for hanging towels etc.,

Dining Table:

  • Save your small dining area by using a drawer type dining table which could be used whenever needed.

Organised Toiletries:

  • Proper Arrangement of the toiletries could yield more space in your bathroom.For this make use of the unwanted plastic pods and fit them on the toilet shelves or cabinet to keep toiletries organised.

Under The Stair Storage:

  • Make smart use of the empty space under your stair by adding drawers or something like a kind of a small godown.

Door Cupboard:

  • Add some fancy shelves to the door and save space that would otherwise be occupied by cupboards.

Window Blinds As Racks:

  • This is one of the craziest yet a very thoughtful space saving method. Since we are using the window blinds for drying cloth , it allows more sunlight on the clothes too.

Sofa Bunk Bed:

  • If you are a home with little ones this could be a great idea in their bedroom. Watch tv from sofa and sleep on the same when turned to a bed.

Staircase Shoe Storage:

  • For those with wooden stairs , this is would truly be a great idea to save space which would otherwise be loitered by shoes and stuff. 

Magnet Bar:

  • This could be made use in bedroom as well as kitchens where you ought to use magnetic things. No hangers, boxes needed anymore..

Foldabe and wall attached Table :

  • A multipurpose table which adds beauty as well as space.Since its a simple method, it can be made on own by those with carpentering skills.

Baby changing and Storage Table:

  • Combine storage shelf and changing table for your baby to save space as shown below.

Couch Bed:

  • Its a very handy couch which is apt for students or others who stay away from home as they could use it as couch in the daytime and as bed to sleep.

Hollow Chair:

Imagine the bulk of storage space we got inside each chair. Hope this thought make us realise and value this not so usual idea into reality.

Foldable Table:

Its a wall stored table which could be easily straightened and utilised whenever needed.

Organisation Hanger:

  • Save your home space by arranging the board games on a single organisation hanger.


  1. I love the under cabinet idea and under stairs. Might have to put a few ideas to use. Thanks for this round up of ideas!

  2. Where can I find the instructions about the under the cabinet drawers?


      hope the above link answered your query.. Thanks..

  3. We are happy to hear you loved these ideas Ruth Swansburg.. Thanks a bunch..

  4. There's a slight problem with the under the cabinet drawers. You remove the toe kick back board and you remove most all support for the deck of the cabinet. We all put heavy pots and pans and other heavy articles in our base cabinets and without that toe kick board the deck will droop or even crack because many cabinets today the shelving (and sides panels.drawer bottoms,etc.) are made of cheap particle board. Beware people.

  5. If you do not use particle board for your cabinets this will help with support for the under cabinet drawers

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    1. Lesa we are so glad these ideas helped you out..

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