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Never store unpeeled Onions in fridge as it requires air exposure for optimum shell life. Whereas be sure to place peeled onions inside fridge well covered in a tight container.

Storing garlic inside fridge makes it to sprout. So  place them in room temperature.

Potatoes should be given a dark, cool and dry space.  Remove potatoes from their plastic or paper bags, and keep them unwashed in a well-ventilated cardboard box. If you wash potatoes before storing them, the moisture can spark decay.

Whole Melons:
Antioxidants in foods, including melons, are prone to degradation if they are not stored properly,’ Whereas place the Sliced melon should be covered and put in the fridge.

Honey should be kept in a tightly closed container at room temperature in a dry place. Honey’s acidic pH and sugar content keeps any spoiling microorganisms at bay. Refrigerating it can cause crystallization, making it hard to spread. Honey will store in your cupboard for an indefinite period of time.

Inorder to retain the flavor of  coffee, put them in air tight containers .Wrap any large amount of  unused coffee in airtight bags, and can be stored it for up to a month in the freezer.

The best way to store tomatoes is to place them in a basket.This is because the cold air in the fridge stops the ripening process and reduces the flavor it is supposed to attain. Also the cold temperature breaks down the membranes inside the fruit walls altering its texture.

Oils like Olive oil and Coconut oil becomes hard and its consistency turns like that of a butter. Reliquifying again could be a problem for immediate use. So always place them outside in room temperature.

Bread is an everyday product that you cannot stay without. But inorder to store them for a longer period , you will have to put the remaining bread slices which you are not planning to use within in  4 days in freezer. Before using them thaw that bread completely. Make sure to keep an an eye on the expiry date.

This fruit could be very decieving for those who are not used to it. Unripe Avocados should never go inside the fridge as it will not get its real flavor and remain unripe. But if you have got those ripened ones, then definitely find a place for it in the fridge to keep them fresh.

Fresh Herbs:
Herbs like basil wilt faster when placed in the fridge.Keep them outside in fresh water to retain their real flavor and smell. If you want them to stay for long, then zip the good ones in a air tight plastic bag.

Even though the bananas when placed in fridge doesnt change the flavor much, it loses the yellowish colour and turns  black making it look unlikable.



  1. good heath tips and its really helpful info. Onion was surprise for me. We used to put it in refrigerator.

    1. Thanks Sweksha.. We are happy to know you found it informative. And yes most of us do put onions in fridge without knowing its side effects. Its high time that we change.


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