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Here we present you the easiest hairstyles to do on your dirty messy hair and yet make it look neat and elegant.All under a minute.. You don't need to run out for helping hands or spent your pocket on big wig beauty parlors to keep your hair in style. 
All you need to do is:
  • Observe the hairstyles.
  • Choose which is apt for your hair(in terms of length or texture)
  • Try it in seconds and you are done..!!!

Top Knot

  • Looks stylish on Curly hair.
  • Split the hair into two from front
  • Leave out few part in front and get two strands of hair carelessly from both sides and tie it. 

Front Twist With Two Bobby pins:

  • Looks good on both wavy and straight hair.
  • Take few hair from front, twist it and pin it.
  • Place one pin vertically and the other towards the twist.

Side Lock:

  • Suits well on Short Hair
  • Comb from side, pin one part and leave the rest free as shown .

Simple Pony

  • Suits for any kind of hair
  • Grab the entire hair and tie it with a rubber band

Easy Twist Pony

  • Looks good on messy wavy hair
  • Split the hair into two parts
  • Hold each part in two hands and tie them casually.

Voluminous Ponytail

  • Suits well on straight hair
  • Tie a pony and split the pony tail into two, up and down.
  • Place a clip in between such that its hidden.

Hair Bow

  • Suits well for all hair type.
  • Pull a piece of hair from both sides
  • Criss cross them and tie the bow.
  • Secure with bobby pins.

Easy Bun

  • Suits for all hair type.
  • Tie a pony
  • Split into two sideways and twist.
  • Roll them to a bun and secure with pins

Low Knot

  • Suits well on medium sized hair
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • Tie them and roll them back inside.
  • Secure with pins.

Half Up Half Down:

  • Suits for all hair type.
  • Pull a portion of hair from both sides.
  • Twist them in to one another and secure with pins.

Classy Pony

  • Suits well on medium sized hair
  • Leave half the portion of hair in front and comb the remaining to a pony.
  • Now take one portion from front over the pony and pin it.
  • Then take the other portion from front and pin it.

Quick Twist

  • Suits well on short and medium hair.
  • Twist half the portion of hair and pin it one side
  • Twist the other half and pin it the opposite side.


  • Suits on straight hair, long or short.
  • Pull the centre portion ,back comb it and pin it.
  • Pull the side portion from both sides and pin it together.

Knotted Pony

  • Suits well for straight long and medium hair.
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • Tie a knot and repeat the same step
  • put a rubberband and secure the knot

Unpolished Bun

  • Suits on medium and long hair.
  • Twist the entire hair.
  • Roll it and pin it.

Poofed Up Pony

  • Looks good on medium and long sized hair.
  • Pull the centre portion from front and back comb it.
  • Meantime put a pony with the rest of the hair.
  • Now overlap the front portion over the pony and tie it.

Asymmetrical Chignon

  • Suits for medium and long hair
  • Back comb and put a pony.
  • Twist the pony and roll it into a bun.

Sleek Low Ponytail

  • Suits for medim and long hair
  • Put a pony
  • Divide to two and roll one half over the pony knot.
  • Secure with pins.

Easy pony 

  • Suits on med and long hair
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • Tie one portion to a pony and twist and roll the other part over the pony.

Long Pony

  • Suits for long hair.
  • Split the hair in two portions up and down.
  • Tie two ponys , one above and other below.

No Slip Bun

  • Suits on long hair
  • Tie a pony
  • Split to two and twist.
  • Roll them to a bun and secure with pins 

Twist Ponytail

  • Suits for straight long hair.
  • Tie a pony.
  • With your finger split the hair above the knot.
  • Take the ponytail through the whole generated with the finger.
  • Now loose the portion above the knot to get the look.  
  • Repeat the same.

Low Rolled Updo:

  • Suits on med and long hair.
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • twist them separately and tie them together.
  • Roll the hair over your finger and tie them inside the gap.

Hair wrap style:

  • Suitable for short hair.
  • Tie a pony.
  • Do an updo.
  • Wrap around the updo with a scarf.


  1. nice collection
    I liked all hair styles mentioned here

    1. Thank you so much sweksha.. hope you enjoy the other hair related posts.. :)

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