5 Simple Proffessional Lipstick Application

Different Lipstick Applications:


  • Lipstick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Coloured Lip Gloss

Method 1:

Apply the Lipstick directly onto the lip as you have it, either from your lipstick box or tube.Then wipe off , if any, extra staining around the lip. 

Method 2:

Apply the clear lip gloss and then over it apply the lipstick.It makes your lipstick colour little more natural and changes its vibrant look.

Method 3:

Apply coloured lip gloss and on top of it go ahead with your lipstick.If the lipstick is dull in colour, this method could make it more colourful as you wish.

Method 4:

Apply lipstick first and then your lip gloss.This could make your lipstick shine much better if it lacks in that aspect.

Method 5:

Apply lipstick first and then your coloured lipgloss. If at all you happened to be dissatisfied with your lipstick colour, by following this method it could give your lips a different shade depending on the colour of the lipgloss.

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