7 Exclusively Stunning Caviar Nail Arts


  • Nailgloss Polish
  • Mini Beads(many colours)
  • Toothpick 


Polish the nail(2-3 layers)
Pour the minibeads over the nail. Have something below to hold the extra beads falling down.
Top coat with two to three layers of nail polish.

Bluish Oceanic Caviar Nails:

MultiColoured Caviar Nails:


Lustrous Golden Nail Art:

  • After applying a base coat, apply 2-3 layers of the coloured polish of your choice. 
  • Here comes the tricky part; while your polish is still tacky, pour the beads over your entire nail. You'll want to lay something down underneath to catch all the excess beads.
  • Gentle tap the edges of your nail to get rid of extra beads. You'll also want to clean up the edges and fill in any missing spots with a few beads. 
  • After apply the beads, you'll need to paint on two or more layers of top coat so that the beads hold in place and are strong. 
  • And you are done

Peppy Purple Caviar Nails:

Fish Egg Nail Manicure:


Glossing Ethnic Caviar Art:

Rainbow Candies Caviar Nails:


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