7 Spectacular Colors in Home Decor Plans according to your emotions


  • Red is associated with war, danger, hatred, anger, strength, power, determination passion, desire, appetite stimulation and love.
  • Light red represents hunger, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, and love. 
  • Pink signifies romance, love, and friendship. It is passive and feminine.
  • Dark red is associated with rage, anger, leadership, courage, longing, malice, and wrath.
  • Brown is a very masculine and stable color
  • Reddish-brown is associated with harvest and fall, and changes.

Application at home:

  • Red can be a great color in a kitchen to encourage people to eatlike a fine Italian restaurant. 
  • Bright table cloths, beautiful red candles for a romantic dinner, framed artwork, or an accent wall painted in a bright red color can be very stimulating to the appetite.
  • Too much red in a kitchen is not recommended, because it will make it dark. A kitchen should have plenty of light for working and preparing food, but red accents work great.

  • When using red in a bedroom candles are also lovely, or accent throw pillows and comforters in various shades. Red can be extremely romantic and create passion. When using red in a bedroom the goal is to entice and intrigue.

Living room
  • Darker reds are bold, in a living room.
  • Red draws attention so use if there is a particular part of your home you want to highlight.


  • Orange represents excitement, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.
  • Dark orange can invoke deceit and distrust, so use sparingly and with caution.
  • Red-orange is active, and not aggressive the way red is, but can stimulate strong sexual desire, pleasure, need for action and passion.
  • Gold evokes the feeling of high quality, wealth, wisdom and prestige.

Application at home:

  • Use orange in playrooms, or active family rooms.
  • Orange is zippy and exciting, without the drama or aggressiveness of red. You can pretty much use this color throughout your home to create an upbeat energetic environment, much like red, but a little quieter
  • Avoid using orange with black.
  • Highlights of orange are also great for craft spaces to invigorate creativity.


  • Yellow is the color of sunshine. It's associated with life, happiness, intelligence, and energy.
  • Dull yellow represents sickness, caution, decay and jealousy. 
  • Light yellow is associated with intelligence, freshness, and joy.

Application at home:

  • Yellow is a great color for anything associated with leisure.


  • Green is pure and natural. It promotes growth, natural balance, and fertility.
  • Dark green is associated with ambition, greed, and jealousy.
  • Yellow-green can indicate sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy.
  • Aqua is associated with emotional healing and protection.
  • Olive green is the traditional color of peace.

Application at home:

  • Green can be used almost anywhere to alter the mood of the environment. Green is great for outdoor living spaces, patios, porches, offices, formal dining rooms, and bathrooms.
  • Anyplace you wish to draw attention to finances or peace is a great location to accent with green.


  • Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven.
  • Light blue promotes good health, healing, tranquility, understanding, and softness.
  • Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness.

Application at home:

  • Because blue feels clean, it's a great color for bathrooms. 
  • It's also considered a masculine color. 
  • It's deep, stable, healing and tranquil which can greatly compliment a bedroom. 
  • Since blue suppresses the appetite, it should be avoided in kitchens.

Black and White

  • White is clean, pure, simplistic, sterile, faithful, and safe. Neutrals are the easiest to decorate with. White is positive as opposed to black. It also depicts newness and beginnings, a "clean-slate".
  • Black brings to mind power, elegance, formality, death, evil, endings and mystery. It also denotes strength, authority, and fear. Black offers great contract with other colors, it is elegant, and prestigious.

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