4 Easy Steps To Hide Under Eye Dark Circles in the rightway with Makeup

 How to hide Under Eye Dark Circles with Makeup


  • Concealer
  • Light Skin – Light Golden
    Medium Skin- Tan
    Dark Skin- Deep Golden
  • Brush
  • Powder
  • Highlighter


  • Start on a clean face and see what under eye colors you have if you have purple use a yellow tone concealer to neutralize if its a blue tone use an orange color. Always use something thats a shade lighter than your natural skin tone, and apply in a triangle from your nostril up to the outer corner of your eye.
  • Blend this in from underneath the nostril to the corner of the eye, which will give your skin a bit of a lift.
  • Set everything in with a powder to mattify the look.
  • Awaken the eye with a light reflecting shimmer by adding highlighter on the browbone to help illuminate.


  • A common mistake women make when it comes to covering under eye circles is using a product that is too dry for their skin. Avoid that and use a light, creamy concealer that won’t crack or seep into the fine lines around the eyes.


  1. I will try this with Avon CC cream and Anew Concealer.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. yeah...using cc cream with concealer is yet again another simple solution.but may i know which type of concealer u hav got?
      Using powder at the end would give it a matte finish. But there are few who regret saying powder finish makes them look old after few hours. So using lifting concealer would be fine if u need to avoid the powder.

      Thankyou for the response

  3. Since the skin of the eye area is so very sensitive, there is no need to apply more eye cream than is needed, since it can promote puffiness or redness. best eye cream for wrinkles


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