7 Ways to Make Fake Eyelash Look Natural

Choosing Fake Eyelashes:

  • Choose the right coloured eyelash, that is, the chosen fake eyelas should match your natural eyelash. 

Trim Them

  • Normally eyelashes are of standard size. One of the reasons that fake eyelashes can look unnatural is that the lashes you put on are not the right size. So trim the extra bits, if applicable.
  • Also trim the lashes to look like a natural one. That is, normally, the lashes on the outer edge of the eye are longer than those on the inner edge.So trim the fake ones to have fewer hairs on the inner edge and more on the outer. 

Applying Glue:

  • Do not apply glue directly over the fake eyelash.
  • Do it gently by applying it on the back of ur hand and then spread a thin line of glue along the thread, and blow on it a little to allow the glue to become a little dry and tacky.
  • Drying it a bit prevents leakage over your natural eyelash.


  • Tilt the chin upwards and position the strip in the center of the lash line.Set the strip down in the lash line, not above or the eye lid. 
  • Start in the inner corner of the eye and gently set the lashes down as close to the lash line as possible.
  • Then, use tweezers to press the strip down securely along the lash line. 
  • Then, wait a few seconds and then gently press down the inner and outer corners.

Hold On Until Dry

  • After applying the fake eyelashes, hold them down on both the inner and outer edges for a few seconds so that the glue really sets in well. 
  • This not only makes your fake eyelashes look more natural but will also allow them to stay in place longer.

Finishing Touch:

  • To finish, do a quick pump with an eyelash curler and top off with a few coats of mascara to blend the natural and faux lashes together. 
  • Do not apply mascara to fake eyelashes that are intended for reuse. The mascara will eventually wear and ruin the eyelashes.


  • Do not pull off fake eyelashes. 
  • The eyelids have very delicate skin and tearing off the glue could damage the skin and the eye itself. 
  • Soak a cotton ball in makeup remover and hold it gently against eyelashes to moisten the glue before gently peeling off the eyelashes and putting them back in their case.
Celebrity Fake Eyelashes

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