10 Useful Kitchen Hacks You Must Know

Preserving Carrots:

  • Now You dont have to worry about Your Limpy Carrots.
  • Just Store them in fridge covered in water and change water for every three days to keep it alive for long.
  • Preserving herbs could also also be made easier.To know more

Prevent Potatoes Turning Brownish:

  • Put shredded or diced potatoes in cold water before cooking to prevent them from turning that gross grayish/brown caused by the release of a starch that makes them oxidize.

Avoid Cut Fruit Turning Brown:

  • Put the cut fruits in mixture of one part honey in two parts of water.This will keep the fruit state unchanged.

Fresh Egg Test:

  • Place the raw egg in a cold water. If they sink down, they are fresh and if they float then they are old.

Similarly separating egg white and yolk would have made u go crazy at times. Here we give yoou the simplest ever method

Separating Two Stuck Cups:

  • Take warm water in a bowl and place the stuck cups inside them. Now fill the upper cup with ice cubes.
  • The temperature difference will make them separate easily.

Poach Eggs Perfectly:

  • Instead of breaking an egg into water directly, Crack open the egg into a small bowl placed in boiling water inside a pan.Close the pan lid.
  • Take the bowl out once the egg is ready.

Thawning Frozen food quickly:

  • Give it a hot water bath for 10-15 minutes and it will be ready.

Squeeze Lemon Completely:

  • Just use a fork in the cross cut lemon and move it up or down to get it completely squeezed from all the membranes.

Hull strawberries:

  • Press a straw through the bottom of a strawberry until it breaks through the top and takes the hull — or the white part of the center of the berry — with it. 
  • Remove any remaining leaves with your fingers

Cut Onions Without Tears:

  • Cut the onions after placing it in refrigerator if you are planning to cook later or cut it nearby a open flame.
  • Even cutting it after putting it inside warm water for sometime also works.

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