10 Ways to Save Money While Shopping

Shopping is a monster which eats away all your money and make you look dumbstruck with empty hands before even you reach the end of a month.So its time to bid bye to those shopping nightmares and think and act in a better smarter way with these tips given below.

Buy the Basics in Bulk(BBB):

This is the simplest but the most effective shopping trick to cut down your shopping bill in a long run.
Buy those things with longer tenure in bulk which you use in your day to day life such as Paper towels , and toilet paper,Bottled products,Detergents and cleaning products, Aluminium foils,Cereals,Sugar, Oil{say for two months}, Egg{say 2 trays at a time}, Milk{those packed for a month}, tea or coffee powder etc. The trick behind this is when you have basic necessities at home you will not have to visit shops often and thus it reduces those instant impulsive buys when you are in supermarket.

Plan Your Budget Wisely:

By keeping in mind the current product rates set aside an amount for shopping every month and make an oath to yourself that you wont spend more than that.This could gain you a mental control over how  you spend money for shopping.

Prepare Shopping List:

Whenever you go out to shop, keep a shopping list prepared before in hand.And most importantly , you make sure you stick to those.Store Layouts make us walk all over the distance around those tempting goodies.So don't fall for it!! Walk for What you need Sticking to the list.

Don't Take Off with Offers:

Try to understand that offers and promotions are put up  in supermarkets just to make you buy more and not to save your money.So just don't go and grab things looking at the offer tag.Buy it if and only if its a basic product that you would be using it everyday.

Say Bye to Buy -One-Get-One:

In most of the cases the product you get for free is something you really don't need it and least require it but the fact is you will be paying for the free product(atleast few bucks more) also. So why spend unnecessarily?? Think before you get excited over a BOGO(Buy -One-Get-One)  next time.

Never Shop with Hunger Pangs:

It is advisable to shop after you have really something stomach filling from home. Otherwise your hunger pangs would taunt you to growl over stuffs you actually never wanted and empties your pocket in no time.

Need not be Class One Always:

There is no such rule that you should be a fan of branded products always.The quality and nutritional content is usually the same as the more expensive brand name. So why are they cheaper? Ask yourself this -- when was the last time you saw a TV commercial for a generic brand peanut butter? When you buy brand name goods, you're actually helping to pay the company's marketing costs. In fact, some food items come off the factory line exactly the same and are simply packaged into different containers, one generic and one name brand. This is called private labeling and can save you a ton of money.

Look For Price Comparisons Online:

The easiest way for price comparison is through online.Supermarket comparison site like MySupermarket* includes a 'trade down' option based on the Downshift Challenge theory. So here you can check for the price variations and surely save some bucks.
This is a quick system and a great way to see the scale of the savings, even if you don't shop online.

Grab Online Vouchers:

If you are buying it online , then its a great opportunity to save money.Online supermarkets commonly put out introductory discount vouchers to 'capture' new customers, eg £15 off a £50 spend at Waitrose.

Write a Meal Plan:

This may sound pretty hard but if planned well, it could really save some amount for you.The best way to make your shopping list super-effective is by writing a meal plan for the week/month. That way you can work out what you’re going to eat every day, incorporating the ingredients you already have.

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