6 Must Know Beauty Mistakes That Prevent You From Looking at Your Best

1. Applying lip liner incorrectly: Never make the mistake of stepping out looking very obviously like you have worn lip liner. The right way to do it is to choose a liner that's the exact shade your lipstick and to apply it after you have worn lipstick, making sure that it is very light. Only then will your lips have a uniform look with the lipstick staying in place for as long as possible.

2. Wearing too much foundation: You should avoid having foundation caked on your face because this will give you a very artificial look. Use a very light product that conceals blemishes in the most natural manner possible. Also, make sure that you select a shade that matches your skin perfectly.

3. Applying foundation when your moisturizer is still wet: If you do not wait until the moisturizer has dried out or has been absorbed into your skin, the foundation will not stay evenly on your skin. Your face will consequently have a patchy appearance.

4. Neglecting the neck: This is unfortunately a very common mistake that makes you look like your face doesn't belong with your neck or that you are wearing a mask Your foundation should extend to your neck and go all the way to exposed skin on your neckline so that you look absolutely natural.

5. Exfoliating too much: You risk damaging your skin if you exfoliate it with a very harsh product or apply it in a very rough manner. Exfoliation should also be done only once a week because this is sufficient to get rid of old skin cells to make way for brighter looking skin.

6. Applying too much bronzer: The idea of using a bronzer is to give you a sun-kissed look. Instead, many people slather on the bronzer and have a very unhealthy looking glow.
By Rizvana Manzoor

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