7 Detailed DIY to Curl Your Hair At Home Perfectly

Curling Using Pins:

  • Apply some hair styling lotion or mousse to your hair, then separate it into small sections of about 1 - 2 inches thick. 
  • With your fingers, curl each section into a pretty tight coil all the way from the tips to the roots, then secure it to your scalp with a couple of bobby pins or a hair clipper.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of your hair. 
  • Once you finish pin curling, wrap your head with a scarf and leave your hair like that for at least 6 hours.
  • Remove the pins and style your hair with your fingers. Don't use a comb or brush because you might lose your curls.

Curling Using Pins For Short Hair:

  • It takes several hours to see the result.
  • It is advisable to do at night so that yo see the result by morning

Curling using Hair Dryer:

  • It is for the women with short hair.
  • Start by Slowly drying your hair as it's wound around the brush and you can get some pretty impressive curls. 
  • Go from the roots to the ends.
Note: Be careful not to hold the blow dryer too close to your hair. 

Curling By Braiding:

  • Apply some hair styling product to your hair.
  • Comb and separate your hair into small sections, braid them, secure each braid with a rubber band, then leave those braids on overnight. 
  • To achieve funky and frizzy kinks, make each braid very tiny and tight. 
  • For large curls or beach-hair waves, make the braids bigger and a bit looser. 
  • Once you remove all the rubber bands in the morning, carefully untangle and style your hair with your fingers.

Rag Curls:

  • Section your hair into a couple of sections.
  • Tie off one section off to the side.
  • Then take one strip of cloth and roll your hair around it until you get to the root.
  • Then tie the rag so it does not come loose
  • Repeat this process to the entire section.
  • When finished do this to the second section.
  • Now that you are finished you can sleep on them.
  • In the morning untie the rags and you will have beautiful curls.
  • The tighter you wrap your hair the tighter the curl. Try not to tie the knots to tight or you will have a really hard time untying them in the morning.

Curling using Foam Rollers:

  • Start with applying some styling lotion to your hair.
  • Separate your hair into small sections. 
  • Hold a roller near the end of a hair section, twist the hair around the roller, roll it all the way down to the scalp and snap the roller clasp to hold it in place. 
  • Do the same with the rest of your hair, then go to bed and remove the rollers in the morning.
Note:The size of the rollers determine the size of your curls, so choose them carefully.

Curling using Curling Wand:

  • Start with clean, dry hair. If your hair is unusually frizzy, it's a good idea to straighten your hair first before trying to curl it, or else you might have a ton of annoying fly-away's.
  • Separate your hair into six parts. First, divide your hair evenly into top and bottom layers. Then divide those layers into three parts each: the back of your head, and the two sides. Use a ponytail holder and clips to make six small ponytails.
  • Clip all three of the top layers to the top of your head and clip the two bottom side layers to the top as well. You should only have the lower back of the head section loose. Take out any clips or ponytail holders.
  • It's a good idea to spray your hair with a heat protection curling spray that helps hold the curl. Divide out a small section of hair and spray it lightly.
  • Wrap each sprayed section around the base of the curling wand, keeping the wand base close to the roots of the section of hair. Continue wrapping tightly or loosely (based on the curl you want) until you are holding just the tips of the section of hair.
  • Hold for 10-12 seconds or longer if you used a thicker section of hair. Be careful not to burn the tips of your fingers. Many curling wands come with little gloves that will fit just over the tips of your fingers. I don't use mine because it's made out of a fabric that introduces static electricity to my hair.
  • Let go of the tips of the hair and pull the wand out from the wrapped section. Hold the curl in your palm close to the side of your head until the section cools. Voila! A perfect curl!
  • Do the top section in the back next and then do the bottom side sections before moving onto the top side sections.
  • When you're done, check the back sections to make sure you didn't miss any hair or need to re-curl a stubborn section.

Using a Curling Iron or Flat Iron

  • To use a curling iron, grab a small section of hair and twist its tip around the iron. 
  • With your hair secured by the iron clamp, roll it down to about an inch from your scalp and hold it for 10 - 15 seconds.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of your hair. 
  • Curling hair with a flat iron is pretty similar, but instead of rolling from the tip up to the scalp, you have to start a couple inches near the scalp, squeeze the hair with the iron, wrap the hair around it, then pull the iron all the way down.

Curling Serums

Dampen your hair with the serum before using any of the above techniques to help your hair really take on the shape of the curl.Curling Serums Could be of great help.

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