11 Worst Fashion Mistakes Women Can Ever Make

Muffin Top Embarrassment: 

Say big 'NO' to the muffin tops that make people feel like "what the heck?". It not only just spoils your physique but also make your waist plumbier with overflowing flesh around your jean.

Show Casing Alot:

Say Good Bye to Show Casing Too Much Of your Body parts.It had never been in fashion neither never going to be.So its not gonna gain you admiration too..

Wearing Tights as Pants

yes, Its True, they compliment whatever outfit you’re wearing but they never go well on with your sole bottoms and it looks really odd on it.

Forget The Past:

Its for those who are in their thirties and forties.Time has Changed and its time for you to change. Evolve yourself with the modernization around you. And Say Bye to those spaghetti strap tees and stuffs like that.

Bad Fit:

If you don’t have fit, you don’t have style. Don't get hung up on sizes. An ill fitting trouser can be too big or too small but either way it's highly unflattering. Actually there’s nothing wrong with form fitting garments (who doesn’t want to show their curves?) but there’s a limit. If your pants are giving you serious , that means they’re way too tight. And it’s seriously distracting for others.

Sloppy slouchy clothes:

All of us love cuffed jeans and oversized shirts to look casual but when there’s absolutely no structure to your look, it’s a total mess.

Dress For Your Age:

Older women who dress to young “mutton dressed as lamb” or young girls who dress too old “lamd dressed as mutton”. Respect yourself, respect your body, and respect your age. There is nothing wrong with dressing like 50 when you are actually 50.

Overloaded Accessories:

Accessories do give gorgeous feel but over-doing it, however, is downright one of the worst fashion mistakes out there and probably something you’ll want to make sure to avoid.


Wearing tracksuits everywhere. Yes they are comfy, but please keep the velour tracksuit just for home, gym or popping up to the local shop for emergency milk. Same goes with your UGG boots and PJ’s.

Fake  Logoed Bags:

Just because your little bag sports a big designer logo, doesn’t mean it looks expensive. It looks like you could only afford the smallest bag in the store. Since that's not the image you want to put forth and you can't carry anything more than a lipstick in it, get away from the designer mentality. You don't need to show off a label to feel good about yourself. Invest in a bag that's tasteful and a little bigger - logo or not.

Visible panty lines.

Wearing garments with pant lines showing is another fashion error women make. Avoid wearing under garments that are revealed in your outer garments. Go for nude underwear when you want to wear sheer garments and consider undergarments to smooth out any lumps or bumps.

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