14 Best Ever Tips To Save Money During House Construction

Buy large plot: 

  • Buying the right land of your choice could surely make you spend more money. 
  • In order to avoid this problem, select a large lot and split it with friends or family members(preferably someone you don't mind having as a neighbor). 
  • In that way you may be able to pick a large building site for a reasonable price.

Go Cheap and Unique:

  • If you can't afford for the previous tip or don't find anyone to share with you then obviously the next option is to buy a cheaper one.Here again you can act smart to save your hard earned money. 
  • Generally narrow, hill-side, interior , in fill properties don't sell quickly and costs very low. But with the right plan and capable contractor you can build a unique and appreciable home over there.

Climatic Conditions:

  • Deciding and planning your construction period is a hidden secret to saving money in construction. Similar to other industries, construction areas do have a slow dull time every year. Thats mostly the winter season. 
  • So you can take advantage of this time period of the year for building your home as the builders would surely quote you a lower price. You can save nearly 10% of total cost by following this method.

Hire The Right Builder: 

  • The real first step to building your budget home is to hire a right builder. You really need to do homework to get the right builder. Get a list of good builders from your friends or family or online. 
  • Then investigate the builder's other works to the previous customers and its always preferable to have a look at them. Before getting into these process do check their fee to avoid future disappointments and embarrassment.

Home Style:

  • Normally people decide home style just on the basis of their interests and inspirations.But change of Home style could save you few bucks too.
  • Give preference to multi-storeyed building than the single level homes. A large sized single level home would require more space and obviously more foundation. But a two-storeyed home with the same square feet would require considerably smaller foundation saving you thousands of bucks.

Know What You Want:

  • Each of us have different likes and dislikes when building our dream home. There is no way your contractors know about what you want or don't.Sometimes they assume few things you actually don't want or you want it later or you can do that yourself. 
  • So decide clearly what you want right now while going through the quotation of the contractor.For example,Your contractor may have assumed that you want crown molding in your renovated space and if you don't want to have it ,you can surely save  few dollars by chucking it out off your quote.

Buy Yourself:

  • Saving could be more effective if you 'will' to get on to the floor and search for things on your own.Items like fixtures, door knobs, and even cabinets can be surely found at cheaper rates by you rather than your contractor.
Note: Before the project gets started, be sure about the materials out sourced and those by the contractor to avoid confusions(especially money) later

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Do If You Can:

  • Do not hesitate to show case your own skills like installing kitchen cabinet, tile flooring etc  if you are good at it while building your own home. By doing so, you can save remarkable amount of money by keeping the monster labor charge in your pocket. 
  • If you are not skilled enough and you want to try any huge task yourself, you can undoubtedly opt for painting. Here the only trick is to be realistic about what you can do.
Note:If you don’t know what you’re doing,then this may end up costing you more in the end and prove to be great disaster. 

Buy Low-Maintenance Building Materials:

  • Do not get this tip wrong.It doesn't mean to buy low quality building materials but the opposite. 
  • Buying  poor quality materials and spending now and then and regretting on it is much better than buying a good quality product with low maintenance cost.It may not look like saving right now,virtually its gonna do lot more good to you. 

Prefer Online Wholesalers Instead of Buying Retail:

  • Online market is proving to be really good these days, almost to buy everything under the sky. You could really save thousands of bucks if you buy online from wholesalers as they quote very less price compared to the retail price. 
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Compare Prices:

  • This is a common tip for every single item that you buy either for home or for other purposes.Always compare prices and choose the one that offers you the best deal. 
  • And if you plan to buy online, then along with comparing ask for discounts and use discount coupons to make it more cheaper.

Prefer Free Shipping Sites:

  • If you are willing to buy any of you hardware online, then its always an added advantage to choose free shipping e-sellers. Many of the new house builders was really benefited through this.
  • One such example which i came across is " The cabinet hardware quote from our kitchen specialist was $450. We were able to buy the exact cabinet pulls on eBay for $135 with free shipping. We also bought the bathroom vanities that come with the whole package: vanity, top, sink, and faucet. By buying on eBay, we were able to get a cheaper price, free shipping, and were able to ask the seller for a discount." Isn't it cool?? Yes it is.

Search For Coupon Codes:

  • The first step to buying products online is to search for Coupon codes.Normally Coupon codes save  can usually save you 10% to 20% off most online retailers. 
  • Also try using more coupon codes inorder to get some different types of discount on that.

Know When to Save and When to Spend:

  • Now this is the most important of all to know where to spend and save.Because sometimes saving a buck now will cost you in the future. 
  • A builder who gives you a lower cost per square foot may seem like a bargain, but sometimes that can portend shoddy work. 
  • Remember you are not really saving if you are to redo the work in future.

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