9 Most Important Things You Should Never Forget While Building Your Dream Home

Most of the times we forget few most important things during the house construction chaos. But when we realize it later, the same hidden works would prove to be a giant block to be broken.

Green and Energy-efficient Features:

  • When you discuss with your architect/designer about your house construction, never ever forget to mention the green features to have at home. Energy conservation talks are on lime light all over the world and your house is no different.Plan for the future accomplishments earlier so that it wouldn't be a hindrance later.
  • Few Examples:Solar Panel Installation or Wind mill generator  for day to day needs like electricity. Installing Solar water heaters and flooring using low pollutant and renewable material such as bamboo.Do not forget to install Rain Water Harvesting System which could be a great source to save water.
  • Double Glazing your windows is another energy efficient way to keep your house warm.

Prepare ground against termites:

  • Be Cautious about the termite entry right from the house construction begins, otherwise it would prove to be a maniac in future.
  • Chemically treat your zone with the chemicals designed to kill termites and install Reticulation systems under a slab and around a building during construction which allows the reinsallation of chemical after its efficacy has expired.
  • Use materials such as stainless steel mesh, chemically impregnated plastic type sheeting or finely graded granite during construction of a home.
  • Take care to divert rain water,lawn sprinklers and irrigation water away from the foundation.

Kitchen Water Drainage:

  • Direct the outlet of kitchen waste water to grow vegetation on your backyard.This could savean ample amount of water getting wasted each year.
  • Similarly Grey water, that is, waste water from non-toilet plumbing fixtures such as showers, basins and taps could be treated for gardening purposes.

Securing the Sub-Floor: 

  • Do not forget to insist the builder to use screws and Liquid Nail to secure the second storey and the stairs. This is because using nails allows movement over time, which leads to creaks. This is an item you can easily inspect after the upstairs flooring is laid and the stairs are constructed.

Damp proof Your Home:

  • Damp problems are one of the most frequently encountered problems  in homes where moisture pentrates into the walls and floor eventually leading to rising damps, rotting floor timbers and deteriorating wall paints and plasters.So be sure to Damp Proof Your Home during construction itself.This is accomplished by several ways like:
  • Damp-proof course 
  • It is a barrier of impervious material built into a wall or pier to prevent moisture form moving to any part of the building.The damp proof course may be horizontal or vertical. A DPC layer is usually laid below all masonry walls, regardless if the wall is a load bearing wall or a partition wall.
  • Damp-proof membrane
  • It is a membrane material applied to prevent moisture transmission. A common example is polyethylene sheeting laid under a concrete slab to prevent the concrete from gaining moisture through capillary action. A DPM may be used for the DPC.
  • Integral damp proofing 
  • Damp proofing materials are added to the concrete mix to make the concrete itself impermeable.
  • Surface coating 
  • It is done with thin water proof materials for resistance to non-pressurized moisture such as rain water or a coating of cement sprayed on such as shotcrete which can resist water under pressure.
  • Cavity wall construction 
  • In this case the interior walls are separated from the exterior walls by a cavity.

Proper Spacing Arrangements:

  • It is very important to plan out proper spacing of your prior to construction to avoid congestion later.Decide on where to place your master couches and try to make it wall attached to make the area more spacious. 
  • Similarly it is always a better option to prefer a wall attachable TV as it could save you more space. 
  • Also pay attention to the bathroom fitting arrangement so that you could save on its space like installing recessed Medicine cabinets next to each sink.

Proper Wiring:

  • It is very important to earth wire sockets as it gives a safe route for the current to pass through the earth wire instead of you in case the live wire inside an appliance comes loose and touches the metal casing .The earth path has a very low resistance which causes the current to become large which will blow the fuse and disconnect from the supply thus protecting you from electric shock.
  • Houses these days have TVs almost everywhere.So think about every place where you might want a TV and make sure there is a power outlet there.
  • The same way think about your sound system, which commonly encompasses both the traditional stereo as well as the entertainment system. Pre-wiring for speakers in the family room, media room, and even the backyard is worthwhile. 

Irrigation System: 

  • If you are planning for an irrigation to water your lawn on either sides of the driveway, make sure to install a large PVC conduit (3” in diameter) under the driveway.Your main water supply will likely be on one side or the other, so the water main for the irrigation system will need to traverse the driveway.

Extra Materials: 

  • Ask for a leftover set of each type of tile, grout, wallpaper, brick, paint and trim for future repairs and remodeling. After getting each, catalog the exact manufacturer and description of each in a document in case you need more than the leftover amount. 

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