9 Valuable Items Expired In Your MakeUp Kit Without Your Knowledge

Lifetime Of commonly Used Cosmetics

Eye shadows and Eyeliner:

  • Each application of these products increases the amount of air that creates the ground for bacteria leading to eye infection such as pink eye that is not only painful, but is also an expensive treatment. 
  • It is, therefore, imperative that all these three products should be replaced after every three months of its use.

Lipstick and Blush:

  • Generally, life of lipstick is about two years
  • At the sametime, it should be ensured that it is applied continuously only when it does not smell or the color gets odd. If so, the lipstick needs to be changed before every new season.


  • An oil based foundation carries about 18 to 20 months life. But the liquid foundation has a life of one year. 
  • If the foundation turns dry and its color is changed after using it needs to be changed immediately before its expiry date.

Face/Talc Powder

  • The life of face powder and talcum powder is initially prescribed for two years. But it needs to be replaced when the powder begins to clump together. 
  • Though the risk of infection using the powder beyond its expiry date is very low, yet it is advisable that it should be changed before its expiry date to avoid any skin disorder.

Face Creams

  • Usually, the life of face cream stored in a jar is six to nine months and the same in the form of the tube has a life of one year. 
  • The presence of alpha hydro material used in the face cream gets concentrated every time you use it that causes an invitation to bacteria. So the cream should not be used beyond its expiry date.

Sunscreen Lotion

  • This lotion protects your skin from the sun- rays, keeping your skin free from its harmful effects.
  • The ingredients in the sunscreen lotion, however, stop working after one year and applying it further on your face will give no useful result. So the change is a must after one year.

Sponges and Make up Brushes

  • The sponges and the make up brushes should be thrown to garbage after its frequent use, say one to two weeks for the purpose of skin protection.

Nail Polish

  • Similarly, using nail polish beyond one year of its manufacturing date is not advisable and, therefore, it should be replaced in time for healthy nails.

Perfumes and Deodorant

  • The fragrance of perfume and deodorant has also changed after its regular use. If you want to smell good out of the perfume or deodorant, you need to change it on time.

Tips for Handling your Cosmetics

It is always better to follow the instructions and manufacturing details that appear on the cosmetic package.
  • Always store the cosmetic products in a cool, dark and dry place.
  • Always ensure that the cap of the tube or jar is tightly closed to avoid exposure to bacteria.
  • Prefer to use tubes in place of the jar as it has a longer life than creams in a jar.
  • Never share your cosmetic items such as lipstick, eyeliner/shadows, mascara or lip balms with anyone else.
  • Always use branded make--up products for a pleasant look.
  • Try to stick to one and the same product as it is always beneficial for your skin.
  • Buy only sealed products, as in today's busy life, looking your best is a must and that is possible only with the help of original and branded products.
  • Do not get carried away with hefty discounts on the cosmetic items.
  • If you have any skin disorder from any of the cosmetic you are using, stop using it and consult your Skin Specialist and Dermatologist immediately for proper cure.

Survey Report:

A survey conducted says that women keep products of make-up for six years after expiry date, leaving them at risk of infection:


-6% of women admitted keeping eye shadow for more than 14 years

-17% admitted to owning mascara 7-8 years old.

-7% confessed to having eyeliner more than 14 years old.

-12% of women claim they have kept their lipstick for 7-8 years.

-12% admitted to holding onto face powder for 6-7 years

After Effects Of Using Expired cosmetics:

  • The expiry dates given on the beauty products help protect us from the side effects of using old products. Once an item is past its expiry date, the preservative can stop working giving you the risk of infections. 
  • There can be even some serious skin or eye problems due to expired cosmetics like allergic rashes, irritations, boils and infection. 
  • Eye infection is another possible issue, so eye related products need to be carefully maintained and thrown out after one year.

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