One Minute Surprising Winged Cat Eye DIY Tutorial

Winged Cat Eye Tutorial:


  • Tape
  • Eyeliner Brush
  • Dark Eyeshadow
  • Smudging Brush


  • Get Yourself ready with the materials needed as you want to do it quick enough.
  • Take a Small piece of tape and place it near the eye in the direction to draw the eyeliner , that is upwards along the lower lash line on both the eyes as shown below.

  • With the Eyeliner Brush draw along the tape towards the eye
  • Either end the line half way through or you can reach the inner part of upperlash line depending upon your desire.
  •  Draw a triangle along the drawn eyeliner
  • Fill the triangle to a perfect shape.
  • Take some dark eyeshadow and using the smudging brush, smudge the filled triangle some more area over the eyelid.
  • Pull off the tape and repeat the same on other eye too.
  • And You are Done. It practiced it doesn't even need one minute. Simple!



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