Simplest and Varied Heart Envelope Making Tutorial & Ideas

Are you planning to gift something to someone special in your life... ? Then Do Learn this easy envelope technique to make your present truely yours as you make it yourself...


  • Paper (I have used normal white paper for tutorial purpose, you can use colored and glittered papers to make it really look attractive).
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Gum
  • Pencil 


  • In the paper you want to make the envelope, draw a big sized heart shape. If you find it difficult to draw, just download a heart template and print it out.
  • Cut out the heart shape perfectly following template.
  • Make a fold at the end of the heart shape and leave it open.
  • Fold them into half along the centre of the heart shape and draw a line at the middle.
  • Along the drawn line, fold them sharply.
  • Now when you open, it would look like this.
  • Now apply gum on the sides of the folds as shown below.
  • Stick them well and apply gum on the other sides too.
  • Heres the final look of the most simplified envelope.

 Below are some of the interesting variations to your special envelope you can make using the method already shown above.

Thick Heart Shaped Envelope:

Gift Paper Heart Shaped Envelope:

Bow Tied Envelope:

Polka Dotted Envelope:

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