9 Interesting Kitchen Hacks To Improve Your Cooking Skills

To get Maximum juice:

  • Roll lemons and oranges on the counter top with the palm of your hand.
  • It makes them softer and warmer to yield more juice when juicing them. 
  • If they were just out of the refrigerator put them in sink hot water for a minute or two first.
  • Later you can squeeze them as shown here

To Open Jammed Lid:

  • If you got the jar lid stuck, hold the jar upside down and dip the lid section into boiling water for 4-5 seconds.
  • You would have also come up with chances of stuck up cups like here

To Sharpen Knife Edge:

  • If your knife edges are dull and you have no honing steel or sharpening stone, then use the bottom ridge of a porcelain/ceramic plate to get the job done.

To Fight Kitchen Grease stains:

  • To fight tough kitchen grease stains on your clothes, use dish detergent (just a bit) in your laundry. 
  • Dish detergent is designed to breakdown and fight this kind of grease.

To Store Fresh Herbs Longer:

  • Store fresh herbs enclosed in a moist towel on the top shelf of refrigerator for longer shelf life and less wilting.

To Store Root Veggies Longer:

  • To help root vegetables last weeks longer, store them in water while in the fridge.

To Avoid Onion Tears:

  • Put a wooden pencil into your mouth sideways and bite down on it while cutting onions to avoid eye burning tears.

To Compromise Water:

  • If you ever add too much water into a recipe just put some uncooked rice or raw pasta (loosely tied in a handkerchief) into the bowl. 
  • The rice will absorb the excess water. 

To Reuse Blackened Bananas:

  • Don’t throw away bananas that are turning (or already have turned) brown. 
  • Put them in the freezer to make banana bread later on.It makes a much better consistency and sweeter banana bread.

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