18 Foods You Have Been Eating Wrong All Through Your Life

Eating Cup Cake:

Remove the wrapper around the cupcake.
Cut the cake into two halves.Place the bottom over the top of creamy region and enjoy it with no wait.
cut the cake and place the bottom over the cream to enjoy your cupcake
Cut the cake and place the bottom over the cream to enjoy your cupcake

Slicing Watermelon:

Slicing watermelons is not the best idea. They should be cut crosswise instead.

Eating Bananas:

Remove the peel from the other side to avoid splitting and mushing them.

Eating TicTac:

Instead of popping them into your palm , try this method to eat Tictac her after.

Holding Pizza:

It should be held by folding a little at the center with your fingers to prevent it from flopping over.

Eating Apple:

It should be eaten from top to bottom and not on its sides.

Eating Burgers:

Hold the burger with your thumb and little finger at the bottom and the other the fingers on the top.

Slicing mangoes:

Slice them into pieces before peeling them and cut horizontally.

Eating PopCorn:

Open up the popcorn from the center to avoid putting hands inside to grab the popcorn next time.

Cutting Cherry Tomatoes:

If you have got to cut the cherry tomatoes place them inbetween two plates and
Cut them into half as shown below.

Eating Snacks:
Turn the snack cover into an instant bowl to enjoy your snacks while enjoying your game.

Slicing Bread:
To avoid squishing the top side of the bread , place them upside down and slice it.

Hull Strawberries:
Remove the green part if strawberries easily using a straw.

Drinking Coke:
Place the straw inside the opener for positioning it well.

Peeling Potatoes:
Instead of using a peeler, boil the potatoes in boiling water and wash them with ice cold water. The skin comes off smoothly and yes its time consuming.

Eating Ketchup:
Wide open the little cups contain the sauce and use it for your dip.

Eating with the container:
Just open up the entire box and turn it into a plate .. Enjoy food and throw away the box.

Ice Coffee:
Freeze coffee into ice cubes to make iced coffee.. Tempting isn't it?

Cutting Cake:

Try to cut the cake as shown below for storing back the remaining neatly.

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