3 Signs To Know If Your Car Battery Is Dying

Long journey travels are made more interesting  when its self driving and especially on a road trip with friends and family. While setting up for it we remember to organise and take all things before in hand and leave out the star of  the travel- The Car. Make sure the car is in a good condition by every means as it could prove to be fatal when unchecked.. Maybe you vl have to experience what it feels to be waiting on the road when other cars fly by and have no time to stop by.

A Dying car battery can be understood from the signs you get to see befoer in hand.

Problemmatic Start:
If you have a dying battery starting your vehicle will be problematic , especially after the car has been resting for many hours. If the car struggles to turn over but eventually does without a problem, it is probably the battery. If the battery has an extremely low charge, there may be only a clicking noise when you try to start up the engine, but the car will not start.

Dimming Headlights:
Dimming headlights can also be an indication to look for dying battery. If the headlights fade while the car is being started or just after it has started, the battery is dying and needs to be serviced or replaced.

Dying Electrical Accessores:
Monitor the electrical accessories to know iff the battery is dying.If the battery is very low, some or all of the electrical accessories will be sluggish. The windows will roll up and down slower than normal, the radio may not be very loud, or the dashboard lights will be dim. If the electrical accessories do not come on at all, the battery is completely dead and needs to be charged or replaced.
how to tell if your car battery is dying

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