9 Top Kitchen Ideas To Make Your Home Modern and Stylish

Colorful Kitchen:

2016 paves way for more bright and colorful kitchen interiors. This would surely a revolutionary trend for the upcoming years too stating that this would be on the trend card for the years to come. And for the others its time to update your monotonous white black or wooden kitchen into more vibrant ones.
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Well Lit Cabinet:

Homeowners won’t settle for just ceiling lights and table lamps to illuminate their kitchens. The two designers say extensive cabinet lighting is a trend to watch. “Low-voltage light tape strips are used as accent pieces below cabinets, above cabinets, inside cabinets and below countertop overhangs,” Drury says. “LED lights are the norm.” These features will be grouped with recessed can lights to offer better mood-setting capabilities.
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Automation has been on the limelight for he past few years but this year would witness alot of its use on the kitchen interiors through the modern automative appliances. Even though it seems to bring us more closer to technology , it actually tries to make our kitchen more eco friendly by not wasting the natural resources.

Smarter Kitchen:

With the influence of increased gadgets around , kitchens can no longer be traditional. Yes, the latest trend finds space for Hidden Charging Station and separate area allocated for your lap and mobile. his is probably the best of 2016 kitchen trends I would say.

Pull Out Kitchen Shelves:

This year witnessed a wide range of kitchen shelves designs. And one among them is pull out shelves for open storage where u can easily place and pick up larger kitchen utensils and efficient  danger free storage of knives.

Increased Utility:

Kitchens with smaller spaces are made more accomodative. Its made to appear spacious and karge with the use of modern and simpler space saving stuffs. This idea might attract those flat lovers trying to save more space.

Kitchen Flooring:

Flooring Choice would see a change around this year. The Architets believe porcelain to be the most sort after flooring especially in accordance with the stainless steel kitchen cabinet.

Vertical Kitchen Drawers:

There’s no rule that says kitchen drawers have to be built horizontally, and if something comes along that makes life easier, 2016 should be the year to incorporate it into your kitchen.
Designers are adding (and sometimes hiding) these tall drawers in the most unusual places, taking advantage of otherwise wasted wall space. This style of drawer also works well for those small and sometimes hard-to-store items like spices.

Natural Lighting:

Like every previous year architects try to add those natural elements to enhance and elaborate kitchen atmosphere to spruce up our kitchen adventures.

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