10 Of The Most Dangerous or Craziest Selfie Ever Taken

Selfie In Flight:

Here you could see the pilot;s head turned to look at those neighbour flights.. Seriously its not roads to say hi-be at this heights and that too selfie at this moment is really a dangerous click.

Saved in Seconds:

Here is a guy who got saved just in few seconds before the train could have smashed him off.. Yes, he was taking selfie near a movie train in inches difference.  Reports say the driver pushed him away mid way off..

Selfie with the Sinking Plane

Ferdinand Puentes had his GoPro video camera rolling when a small plane he was in crashed into the ocean. Deciding to leave the camera rolling, he flipped the device around, capturing this selfie with the sinking plane in the background.

A Top The World’s Tallest Residential Building - Princess tower Dubai!

Alexander Remnev is now well-known for his hair-raising stunt photography atop multiple high-rises. But one of his most shared photos features him with a brave friend on top of Dubai’s Princess Tower, the world’s tallest residential building, which rises 1,350 feet. It appears Remnev does not use safety gear and has claimed that Dubai has a lot of “open” towers to climb.


Perched atop the Votive Church — Vienna, Austria

Extreme stunt site Mustang Wanted is known for their epic photos. They advise viewers not to try any of the ideas posted on their site. One of their most liked stunts features a man on top of the new-Gothic church that rises 325 feet into the air. The angle is a nauseating aerial-like snap that captures the church, building and ground below.

Bull event - Spain

Few really show such hilarious courage to take selfie while the bulls chase to take their life.It was heard this man holding his phone high for the selfie was arrested for this act.

Selfie with the Active Volano:

Adventurous photographer George Kourounis couldn't resist getting an "extreme" selfie while visiting an active volcano crater.

Top of the Statue, Brazil:

Christ alive: British travel company owner Lee Thompson gets snap happy at the top of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio, Brazil

Atop the Crane:

Here is a guy sitting on the very top of a suspension bridge with nothing really to grab onto. A strong wind come Or an angry bird could prove to be fatal.

Selfie in Air:

How is he even taking this picture? His feet are dangling, so they aren’t holding him in place. His one hand is in the shot not doing much of anything, and we’re guessing his other hand is holding his smartphone (ironic). So, what, is he suspended by his belt? This is a truly horrifying image.

Space Selfie:

A dangerous shot because at any minute a meteor or comet could come by and detach them from their harness and they will float out into space and eventually run out of oxygen. You saw the movie Gravity, right? Space is serious people, you shouldn’t be taking selfies. 


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