15 Unique DIY HandPrint Ideas To Gift Your Amazing Family and Friends

Apron Handprint:

This is a very thoughtful and a touching handmade gift that you could present your lovable Grandmom.. Since the hands are printed on her favourite apron, she would love it for sure. It could also be considered a token of appreciation for the tasty meals she prepares for you.

Watercolour Handprint:

This is a basic picture through which a kid could begin their handprint artworks.. The handprint is beautifully themed into a underwater scene showing its ideas are boundless.

5 in a Row:

Here's a family who have thoughtfully picturised the child's handprint each year as she has grown. When arranged in the form of a wall art the beauty is speechless.

Ceramic Handprint:

Its a ceramic handprint  which beautifully portray the mother daughter love. This would remain a master piece throughout their lives.

Handprints on paper:

The family handprints are arranged one below the other as per size and they have been added to the wall. Its a great contribution to the Wall art gallery too.

Hands to Trees:

Its a very simple idea that is shown here, All you need is to get the handprints of all the family members on the chart paper and decorate wit with the paper pieces.and the family tree is ready!

Handprint inspired Flower:

The Handprints are used to make the theme for a flower like sunflower. Its again an intelligent method which could be used to decorate the walls or gift your favourites.

Single Handprint Pieces:

Here they have decored the wall with single pieces of handprints , just noting the year and name of the person.


Handprints as Words:

The handprints can also be used to illustrate words and your loved ones are gonna Love it...

Tree HandPrint:

On a white background , the neatly placed handprints gives a unique and a masterpiece look. Here it has been used to represent a tree. Imagination is boundless and you could try different themes as such.

HandPrint Valentine:

When Handprints are used along with heart touching words, the over all effect could be beyond words like the one below.Try out different sentences for your loved ones to appreciating their love and care.

On the Background:

Take a white sheet of paper and randomly give your prints with a lighter tinch of colour like grey or light blue or gree, etc.. using light colours would give it a standard look. Once its done, place the family photo at the centre, and aaaah...amazing isn't it? Better than a million dollar worth gift..

Handprint Crafts:

For a difference you could also try handprint craft like the one below. Draw the outline of your hands on a colored paper and cut them out neatly.. Then arrange them well to give it a complete look.


Family Handprints:

On a coloured background, give the hand impression of all members with the family name or the person's name you would love to gift.

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