20 Extraordinarly designed Bedrooms for Your Wondrous Kids

Children being the soul heart of a family spreading love and warmth around, their interests and happiness are of utmost importance to any parent. One among them is creating the best environment around that keeps them cheerful and engaged all day. It gives birth to the idea of their own bedroom influenced by their own interests from colours to their favourite cartoons...

Little's lilac:

Wall wash with the light coloured lilac would make your kid feel energetic and bright throughout the day. A wardrobe and cupboard along with the bed and couch makes it complete.

The Racing Kids:

Here is the bedroom designed exclusively for those racing inspired kids.. You could see how beautifully they have incorporated the racer attributes into a kid's room. so y wait? Get Set and Go!!!

Green Room:

Its always welcoming to teach the prime importance of green world right from the beginning og the childs' growth. Try including plants and all sorts of greenness showing them the way to an eco-friendly world.

Sky Love:

Here is again another design that helps kids grow closer in the nature. The open sky light shining through such large sized windows would always keep your child bubbly and eccentric in his space.

Pink Beauty:

Here come the beauty of pink for those little angels in love with the pink. To make it more adorable, the stunning heart shapes are used making it more closer to our hearts too.. Who can scroll down without enjoying its beauty?

Car Mania:

For those car loving kids this room design is a must recommended one that you should consider. The  desugn is neat spacious and the idea is simply brilliant. Look at the way how petrol bunk theme is incorporated into the bed side table,, simply amazing ......! Isn't it?

Space Saver:

If your mind alarms at the space needed for the kid bedroom, throw away the thought and give the below pic a look. The room is created under the slope side of the home , by brilliantly letting in light through the glass on the slope.

The Planet:

This is absolutely a magical extravaganza for the curious little ones to learn about the planets , stars and the galaxies... Including glow in the dark wall stickers surely would make it a heavenly place for your child.

Home Bed:

This is a home bed which an be placed in the master bedroom itself giving them their own space and at the sametime the satisfication of being with the parents..

Simple Yet Sound:

This is a simple design which gives a sound look through the colour combinations and furniture styles.


Here is a style which you will not have to change with the age of the child.. Its equally loved by kids and teenagers af all age groups..

Fun with Studies:

Adding a blackboard onto one side of a wall could make your child more creative as they learn while scribbling their ideas. Its also a great way to deviate the kids who develop the habit of drawing on walls..

Fun In Room:

Adding Sliders, Ladders and large animal pictures could turn the room to funfilled play area which the kids would never want to leave.

Colorful and Cozy:

This room is a perfect example which proves that bright colored walls and colorfully arranged accessories and toys itself could make your kids' bedroom attractive, cozy and comfortable..

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