24 One minute Hairstyle Ideas For Shabby Dirty Hair

Here we present you the easiest hairstyles to do on your dirty messy hair and yet make it look neat and elegant.All under a minute.. You don't need to run out for helping hands or spent your pocket on big wig beauty parlors to keep your hair in style. 
All you need to do is:
  • Observe the hairstyles.
  • Choose which is apt for your hair(in terms of length or texture)
  • Try it in seconds and you are done..!!!

Top Knot

  • Looks stylish on Curly hair.
  • Split the hair into two from front
  • Leave out few part in front and get two strands of hair carelessly from both sides and tie it. 

Front Twist With Two Bobby pins:

  • Looks good on both wavy and straight hair.
  • Take few hair from front, twist it and pin it.
  • Place one pin vertically and the other towards the twist.

Side Lock:

  • Suits well on Short Hair
  • Comb from side, pin one part and leave the rest free as shown .

Simple Pony

  • Suits for any kind of hair
  • Grab the entire hair and tie it with a rubber band

Easy Twist Pony

  • Looks good on messy wavy hair
  • Split the hair into two parts
  • Hold each part in two hands and tie them casually.

Voluminous Ponytail

  • Suits well on straight hair
  • Tie a pony and split the pony tail into two, up and down.
  • Place a clip in between such that its hidden.

Hair Bow

  • Suits well for all hair type.
  • Pull a piece of hair from both sides
  • Criss cross them and tie the bow.
  • Secure with bobby pins.

Easy Bun

  • Suits for all hair type.
  • Tie a pony
  • Split into two sideways and twist.
  • Roll them to a bun and secure with pins

Low Knot

  • Suits well on medium sized hair
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • Tie them and roll them back inside.
  • Secure with pins.

Half Up Half Down:

  • Suits for all hair type.
  • Pull a portion of hair from both sides.
  • Twist them in to one another and secure with pins.

Classy Pony

  • Suits well on medium sized hair
  • Leave half the portion of hair in front and comb the remaining to a pony.
  • Now take one portion from front over the pony and pin it.
  • Then take the other portion from front and pin it.

Quick Twist

  • Suits well on short and medium hair.
  • Twist half the portion of hair and pin it one side
  • Twist the other half and pin it the opposite side.


  • Suits on straight hair, long or short.
  • Pull the centre portion ,back comb it and pin it.
  • Pull the side portion from both sides and pin it together.

Knotted Pony

  • Suits well for straight long and medium hair.
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • Tie a knot and repeat the same step
  • put a rubberband and secure the knot

Unpolished Bun

  • Suits on medium and long hair.
  • Twist the entire hair.
  • Roll it and pin it.

Poofed Up Pony

  • Looks good on medium and long sized hair.
  • Pull the centre portion from front and back comb it.
  • Meantime put a pony with the rest of the hair.
  • Now overlap the front portion over the pony and tie it.

Asymmetrical Chignon

  • Suits for medium and long hair
  • Back comb and put a pony.
  • Twist the pony and roll it into a bun.

Sleek Low Ponytail

  • Suits for medim and long hair
  • Put a pony
  • Divide to two and roll one half over the pony knot.
  • Secure with pins.

Easy pony 

  • Suits on med and long hair
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • Tie one portion to a pony and twist and roll the other part over the pony.

Long Pony

  • Suits for long hair.
  • Split the hair in two portions up and down.
  • Tie two ponys , one above and other below.

No Slip Bun

  • Suits on long hair
  • Tie a pony
  • Split to two and twist.
  • Roll them to a bun and secure with pins 

Twist Ponytail

  • Suits for straight long hair.
  • Tie a pony.
  • With your finger split the hair above the knot.
  • Take the ponytail through the whole generated with the finger.
  • Now loose the portion above the knot to get the look.  
  • Repeat the same.

Low Rolled Updo:

  • Suits on med and long hair.
  • Split the hair in two portions.
  • twist them separately and tie them together.
  • Roll the hair over your finger and tie them inside the gap.

Hair wrap style:

  • Suitable for short hair.
  • Tie a pony.
  • Do an updo.
  • Wrap around the updo with a scarf.


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