Top Handmade and Easy Flower Vases From Ice-cream Sticks

Icecream sticks or Popsicle Stick is one such kind of a tool with which you can try numerous things as per your imagination. Making Flower Vases is one of the simplest and at the same time a very sorted after home decor item.
With th basic ideas and samples provided here , please try out differnt and more unique vases of your own. Share a pic with us to inspire others too.. Share, Inspire.

Hanging Flower Vase

A waterbottle could be turned to a beautiful flower vase with few steps. 
Just cut the bottle and wrap it with the icecream sticks and hang them.

Popsicle Stick Flower Vase

Create the proper base and glue the popsicle sticks one over the other.
The final look would would turn out to be a amazing flower vase

Coloured Popsicle Flower Vase

Here the trick is to paint the popsicles before you attach them.
This could be done in a more fun way by letting the kids do the painting job.
Then as usual stick them on and there goes the flower vase.

Spiral Ice cream Stick Flower Vase

Spiral Icecream Stick Flower Vase is one of the most sorted after and loved one.
Its making is not as complicated as it looks.
You just need to get the base right and top the sticks one above the other.
Stick the base horizontally and start placing triangles in angles above them. 
So the various base arrangements you make could lead to different models each time.

Glassy Icecream Stick Flower Vase

This is the Simplest and the most favourite Flower vases of all
The only trick involved here is bending the sticks before you stick them inside glass
We need to bend it by heating the sticks on a pan.
Once that part is fine , you can absolutely beautiful flower vase.

Squared Icecream Stick Flower Vase

Stick the Icecream sticks horizontally and vertically one above the other to get a square at centre.
As you pile up the sticks on that same order , you would get the right space for placing the flower.
Increasing or decreasing the width, height , number of sticks , and the angle of  sticking could provide differnt kinds of flower vases.

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