10 Most Useful Fridge Hacks You Had Never Known

Eat Me First Box:

This is one of the simplest and easiest way to finish off those foods at the edge of expiry. This in turn could help u save money and reduce food storage to a great extent. Ll you need is a box named Eat me first to let know others to finish them off.

Egg Carton To Bottle Holders

Wait before you throw away those egg carton.. Cut them and make way for storing your squeeze bottles in a neat manner .

Freezer Bag Storage

Its a very creative and simple idea to store your freezer bags on those shelves.All you require is those clips to hold them .

Snack Zone

Create a separate snack zone area for your kids. It allows them to have whatever they need at ease and also saves other items like milk spill from their careless behaviour.

Unseasonal Storage

You can preserve those fresh herbs in ice trays and freeze them with olive oil to use when needed. 

Instant Freezer Shelves:

Turn those magazine holders to Freezer shelves for instant small storages.

Organised Freezer Drawers

No more fussing up with the large drawers in the refrigerator. Organise them neatly with the help of freezer drawers to keep veg, fruits , groceries separately.

Magnetic Containers

Attaching a piece of magnet to the plastic containers gives more room in the refrigerator for additonal storage.

Lazy Susan

Few may find things difficult to grab from the nook and corner of the fridge shelves. lazy susan is the perfect rescuer for them letting the things to be placed within reach.


Fridge being the most visited thing at home, you could put up reminders related to food and other matters

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