36 Stylish And Modern Mehandi Designs For Foot and Legs

Below the foot:

Can you imagine anything cuter than this pic? Yes its such an amazing design neatly done on the foot of a little beautiful baby angel.

Covering Foot:

This may look complicated but with little patience you can get your bride ready with a beautiful henna on her legs.

On the Sides:

These are a set of designs that are centered around the sides of the foot.Depending upon the liking of a person that could be done simple or in a more intricate manner.

Below one is a modern design which is loved by the present generation.Its a combination of arabic and pakistani style.

Anklet Design:

This is designed like wearing an anklets. simple and elegant.

Leg Mehandi:

Here we have give a collection of henna that are drawn up to the knees. Mostly this style is followed for the brides but these days girls prefer simple mehandi designs with their skirt in a way thats seen.

The Bride:

These are some of the brides wearing mehandi on their big day . It looks so grand and colourful with their attire. If you look at  the first one it is totally centered around the fingers and still looks magnificient.

Tattoo Style:

A Stylish piece of mehandi that can be tried with shorts and tees. Its a replica of trying something like that of a tattoo.

Glitter Mehandi:

This is the latest henna technique where we mix henna and glitters to produce stunning art pieces. These kinds will be loved by the teenagers and college going guys.

Match the Shoes:

Nowadays henna is done on the left over spaces after wearing the sandals. These days people prefer doing this as they dont want the henna designs to get hidden under their shoes. 

Shade technique:

These henna are done by drawing the outline first and then shading the interior region accurately o get the feel of a red coloured paint. Its just like the idea of painting on a paper.


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