65 Breathtaking 3D Flooring Designs

These 3d flooring designs are sure to make you go dumbstuck with its look. 3D Floors are quickly replacing the modern marbonite and wooden flooring techniques with the varieties involved. What makes it more special is you could get your imagination on the floor like that of a painting on a canvas.To your surprise , this technique is more cost effective than your marbles and granites. Amazing isnt't it? Check out the gallery below for more amazement..

Beach look:

Here is a sample which depicts the scene of a beach in a bathroom. You could see that the sand and sea waves are brought to life with utmost perfection.

Graphic Look:

This is more similar to a computer design. Few people want their fire place to look standard and elegant. So a simple graphical flower has been painted.

Entrance look:

You don't need to be owning a lawn for pebble pathway anymore. This technique would give u all the satisfaction of such a look inside your little flat.

Stepping stone Look:

Here you find the stepping stones leading to the bathroom.As already said anything to your imagination could be painted with this method.

Waterfall Look:

Thing that are never possible but you love to experience it like sleeping at the edge of waterfall is possible with the help of this amazing 3D floor.

Garden look:

Here they have gone for simple garden look in their dining hall for the feel of an outdoor party.

Under The Ocean Look:

This is even beyond imagination where you bath under the sea. Yess... And see the way how beautifully its being portrayed.

Box Effect:

Does it like a boxes are placed here and there ? Its the 3D Box effect thats been painted on the floor. This floor offers you nothing less than a appreciation.

Sea/Dolphin Look:

We don't even dream of sleeping in the sea with the whales around but look at this. The furious sea inside the bedroom that too with the notorious whales. Unimaginable!

3D Walls:

Not just the floor, even the walls are painted in so,e case to match the floor like the ones below.. Beach, trees and the sea..

Floral Look:

Not only the ocean or land, even beautiful flowers could be your new floor. Beautiful Pink flowers on a bedroom. Its elegant with less colours and clumsiness.

Transparent Look:

Anyone would think twice before steeping on to a such a place. Its scary and superb at the same time. You will have to give them confidence that they wont fall off.. :D

Shallow Sea look:

Here are some images showing the anterior of the sea from above. Any wonderous stuff could be brought on your floor even things beyond imagination.

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