Interesting And Unknown Facts on Emoji

World Emoji Day
July 14th is recognized as the world emoji day and a made up holiday.

Different meaning
Not most of the emojis you use means the same. For Example,The emoji with steam coming out of its nose is actually supposed to represent "look of triumph," not anger or frustration. And the face with what looks like a tear dripping from its eye? It’s actually a nasal bubble, and in Japanese culture, it represents sleep.

Emoji Book
There is a book entirely written in emoji: Emoji Dick. Edited and compiled by Fred Benenson, as the name would suggest, it’s an emoji-only version of Moby Dick. You can buy an actual print version of the book for $40

Emoji Approval
All emojii are designed, approved, and unified by the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit organization that makes sure characters like emoji can be rendered accurately across different computing platforms.

Emoji Used
Hearts are among the most used emojis.

New Word
'Emoji' was added as a word to Oxford Dictionaries in 2013. The emoji craze had caught on so much throughout 2012 and 2013 that it was added as a real word by the one and only Oxford Dictionaries in August of 2013, along with several other strange new words that could only be explained by the Internet.

Emoji on Celebrities
Atlanta Hawks basketball player Mike Scott has not one, not two, but several emoji tattooed on both arms.Miley Cyrus also has some ink featuring the sad cat emoji, though a bit more discrete, located on the inside of her lower lip.

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