30 Step By Step Trendy Braided and Open Hairstyles For Young Girls

One of the major factors defining beauty is the volume of hair you have got. And these days hairstyles for both men and women, take them to a whole different level of defining their personalities. But who has time for all that in the hurry burry life? And thats the reason we have got these so called difficult hairstyles in few simple steps thats easy to follow.

Split and Fold Hairstyle:

Open BackComb:

Twist and pin:

Roll and Bun:
French Braid:

Side Braid:

Hairbow Braid:
Criss Cross French Braid:

Front Look Braid:

Simple Pony:

Simple Split and Pin:

Puff Front Style:

Free Style:

School Braid:

Twist and Tuck:

Simple Pony:

Back Braid and Bun:
Proper Hairpinning Styles:

Front Roll:

Continuous Back Braid:

Inward Braid:

Bridal Hairstyle:
Interlock Braid Style:

Braid with Ribbon:
Flower Style:

Simple Front Roll and Pin:

Pony Bun Style:

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