Affordable Space Saver Ideas For Bedroom

Storage / Platform Bed:
If you could store all the necessary things around in one place ,thus itself would create more space and in this case this is done right under the bed in a very very thoughout manner.Similar to under bed storage, you can save kitchen space with under cabinet storage like here.

Kids Raised Bed:
Raised bed can be made with wooden base for wooden bed or metal base for wooden bed. In either cases you can have plenty of storage areas beneath.

Wall Mounted Shelves:
In order to save space in a small bedroom, incorporate shelves and tables at the most on the walls in itself without indulging the floor space.This could actually bring a wider feel in your bedroom.

Wall mounted side table:
As mentioned above its a clever idea to keep a stuffs floating to create space on the floor.Avoid using using those bed side tables and shift to this kind of wall mounted side tables.

Above the Door Shelf:
This is well applicable in bathrooms which of course would reduce the space it occupies in bedroom.
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