10 Of the Best Travel Hacks For a Pleasant Journey

First and foremost,Take clear photos of your Passport and other important documents required for travel and stay abroad in your mobile or sent those scanned copies to your mail box prior to travel.

Bag Arrangement:

Roll your clothes instead of folding while packing

Dryer Sheets:

Place dryer sheet with clothes to keep them smelling fresh

Dirty Shoes:

If you are worried about taking an extra pair of dirty shoes with you, jyst take the help of a shower cap.

Tangle Free Head Phones:

Use your specs box to keep cables, hear phones etc, or use a binder clip to keep it organised.or  To keep your headphones and chargers tangle free, wrap them around old gift cards.

Pin Carrier:

Keep your bobby pins in a Tic Tac container or any other such small and space saving containers to avoid missing them

Carrying Liquid Items:

Use plastic wrap over bottles to avoid spill.

Use contact lens to take a little amount of liquid cosmetic that would be essential for the travel.

Carrying Jewelry:

Use a pill box to store your jewels in a smart way.


Keep a checklist and make sure you have got it all done before you travel and check the same while returning also.

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