How to Determine Personality with Finger Shape


– Not very open and don’t share feelings easily. Show yourself much stronger and more independent than you really are
– Emotional person and once you feel connected to someone you can be super fine.
– You despise lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty because it goes against your beliefs.
– Reserved when it comes to showing emotions and want to appear cool and strong.
– Bit Eccentric and not very tolerant and arrogant at times.
– Helping nature and punctual in work even if not interested.
– You enjoy having a good laugh, and can laugh at anything and everything as long as you are amused, even if it’s not so funny. Your expressions reveal all of your thoughts.
– You are generally cold with people you’re not really close to, but can even be overly emotional to your friends and family


– You don’t like to be the first one to approach someone or take actions.
– Loyal and devoted. If you start falling in love with someone, you will give them your full attention and will always think about them.
– Deep down inside you have a very sensitive soul, although it may not look like that at times. Often people get the wrong idea about you because you are pretending to not know anything in order to protect someone’s feelings.
– Committed, once you set your mind on something, you’ll do your best to finish it until the end.
– Scared of getting hurt. You want people to think that you don’t need anyone, but you dream of finding your soulmate.
– Have the power to stay calm even when extremely uncomfortable about something.


-You easily forget things that make you upset, and you don’t hold a grudge.
– You don’t like unfamiliar territories. It bothers you when you have to deal with anything new and unknown.
– You are respectful towards other people’s opinions.
– You can sometimes come off bossy because your ego is extremely high when arguing with other people. But, you’ll be the first to apologize afterwards.
-You are not very open regarding your problems and feelings, you always keep them to yourself.
– You are very straightforward and you know very well what you like and dislike. You also like people to be able to trust you and depend on you.

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