20 Exciting and Inspiring Plastic Bottle Recycling

Plastic Bottle Chandelier

Choose plastic bottle with a designer base. Collect many similar bottles and cut the base.Using a thread tie them all one below the other in a pattern of your wish. Hang it around a hanging light to make it look like a chandelier.

Plastic Bottle Home Decor:

Cut the base of plastic bottle into various petal shapes and fix the edges with the help of candle or hot iron box(Candle looks more easy to handle). Now arrange them in the shape of flower one inside the other.Paint it with fabric paints and set them.

Plastic Bottle Night Lamp:

Cut the bottle into a round shape and fix paper flowers or any other designs (through which light can pass)on the outer side. Place the light inside the bottle and when you lit them you will find magic.

Plastic Bottle Brush Holder:

Cut the plastic bottles depending on the size you prefer . Fix the edges with hot iron and use them as Holder.

Plastic Bottle Flower Vase:

This is also similar to the above method.You can use either the upper part of bottle or lower part. If you are using the upper part stabilise the stand using a cd and attach it with the cap with the help of glue . If you dont want to work on it much simply use the lower part.
To make it more attractive paint them or cover them with designer papers or tapes.

Plastic Bottle Filter:

Cut the neck of bottle and fix it on the side nby making a small hole. Buy a filter catridge and place it inside the bottle.

Plastic Bottle Couch:

Collect a set of similar plastic bottles and tie them altogether inverted to form a base. Put a cushion or cover above to use it as a couch.

Plastic Bottle Bucket:

Cut remove the neck region of plastic bottle leaving it a wider opening. Use a thick thread or rope and tie on both sides to use it as a handle.

Plastic bottle Container:

For each container you will need two bottles. Cut the base of one bottle and use it as  a lid for the other.

Plastic Bottle Lamp:

Just keep the plastic bottles inverted above a set of serial lights for a romantic look.

Plastic Bottle Spoon Stand:

Plastic Bottle as Bird Water Feeder:

Plastic Bottle For Craft:

Plastic Bottle As Halloween lights:

 Plastic Bottle Spoon Lamp:

 Plastic Bottle As Water Sprinkler:

 Plastic Bottle For Painting:

 Plastic Bottle Zipper Purse:

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