Weird Home Remedies For Common Health Problems

Cabbage Leaves

We have all known cabbage only as a vegetable but did you know there are people around who use it in a different way? YES ..
Cabbage leaves wrapped around your joints overnight could heal you from sore joints and reduce swelling too..Its due to the presence of glucosinolate - an anti inflammatory and cancer fighting compound..

  • Cut out the leaf vein running through the middle.
  • Place it on a cutting board nd press gently using a towel.
  • Now wrap your joint with this leaf and cover it with a plastic wrap to keep it in place.
  • Leave it overnight.

Wet Socks Treatment

This treatment is very effective aginst cold and flu.. All you need is a pair of thin cotton socks and a pair of wool socks.

  • Soak the cotton socks in ice cold water.You can also keep it in freezer for few minutes to increase the effect.
  • Give your feet a hot water bath for 10 minutes.
  • Then wear the wet socks and cover it with the pair of woollen socks
  • Sleep well and you will feel how better you are the next day..

Onion Wraps

Onions are often used to treat sprained ankles, jammed fingers, arthritis and rheumatism due to their inflammatory actions.

  • Chop one onion into pieces and wrap it in a muslin cloth.
  • Tie the cloth using a band.
  • Now place it over the sprained ankle for two hours or more for relief

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