How To prevent Cakey and Overdone Foundation

Whether a beginner or a pro , Cakey Makeup has always been in the front line of concern for decades. People normally advice to go out with minimal makeup and limit themselves with minimal makeup to avoid the embarrassing situation of an overly done cakey MAKEUP look!! BUT there still stands a questiion, If your makeup fails to cover up your defects , then whats the point of having it on??

So Coverage cannot be compromised on having a clear flawless look and it is something else you need to work on and that is the tip I wanna Share with you guys..

First of all Thanks to Wayne Goss for shedding light on this very basic problem of makeup and for giving this solid Tip.. That is BLENDING the foundation.

Yes Blending is the only way out to prevent such scary looks and attain perfection.Few steps to go ahead with blending

  • Begin with a Primer Or Moisturizer or Both (depending on what you have and prefer). It is a very necessary step to absorb the foundation well on to the skin.
  • Next Blend using a sponge or a soft brush ,whichever is comfortable, but make sure you apply it with pressure. When you dodge it on your face, give really some strength on to it and cover all over the face.
  • Repeat the same until the coverage you required is achieved.
  • Then the most important criteria is TIME.. Blend the foundation for atleast 6 minutes on your face.
  • (yes, it requires patience but remember the result is gonna be awesome)
  • It is said that blend on either sides of the face for 3 minutes.
  • Then cover the sponge you used for foundation application with a tissue paper and very gently press on the face to remove those excess unblended remains.
  • After this long and really inevitable process, apply any foundation setting powder and go ahead with eye and lip makeups.

And Thats it you are done!!

Hope this really helps, if any doubts please do comment below..!!

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