20 Essential Kitchen Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

Here we bring you the most essential kitchen gadgets that really prove to be helpful and non chaotic adding beauty to your kitchen. Some of these are an updated version of what you might have in your kitchen already with the difference that the ones listed out here are designed to be more efficient and hassle free.

Sponge Holder

Sponges are an unavoidable part of any kitchen still most of us fail to find a proper place, Here is a holder which not only does the work but also adds beauty with cuteness.

Trash Bag Holder

Here is a modern trash bag holder that can be clipped on any door making it easily portable and more user friendly. Also looks simple and smart.

Dip Bowl

This is surely a smarter way to serve your dipping sauces or curries  or even the after food medicines along with your plate.A clip bowl, which could be attached to the plate or detached as you prefer.

Clip on Strainer

Every cook would have come across a situation of spilling out a bit of food like pasta or rice while straining. Heres a perfect solution to this problem with a clip on strainer. Just clip the gadget to vessel of any size and get it strained completely saving even a single piece from falling out.

Egg Yolk Separator

This is a gadget mostly required by bakers and those following strict diets.If you are one who ends uo in a messed out egg yolk separation , then grab this right now. Because it not only does the purpose but also looks too cute to find a place in your kitchen.

Upright Ladle

If you have come across a situation of burnt fingers while holding ladles or take an extra plate to place your ladles while cooking, then this upright ladles are sure to put a smile on your face.

Herb Scissor

If you are one who would not like to grab a knife to chop the herbs then heres a more efficient way to cut them with a exclusively designed herb scissor.

Silicone steaming lid

A lid which doesn't allow boiling over along with retaining the heat inside is a must snatch for any smart home maker these days.

Cake Tongs

A tong shaped cake slicer is a perfect way to serve your beautifully made cakes neat and elegant.

Foldable chopping board

A more user friendly chopping board that could be folded. When the handle is squeezed, the sides of the board fold up forming a chute down through which chopped food or waste can be neatly guided.

Rinse and Carry Chopping Board

Heres a three in one chopping board which can be used to cut, carry and rinse. Its an all in all solution for food preparation.The colander tray can be expanded or collapsed as required.

Self Draining Dish Rack

Heres a innovative, compact and stylish dish rack that provides lots of space for draining and storing dishes, glasses and utensils. The sloping base helps to drain water quickly.

Wall Mount

If you have cleaning supplies taking over your bathroom, kitchen, or garage shelving, declutter with this storage organization system.Mount on the wall of your kitchen, closet, garage, or office. Its great for commercial use and also works outdoors or in the shed for your garden tools!

Knife cleaner

This is a protective finger pocket & thumb guide knife cleaner.It is comfortable and cut-resistant and helps prevent injury when hand-washing kitchen knives, food processor blades, pizza cutters, or any sharp kitchen cutlery

Pan Organiser

Save cabinet/countertop space and by managing pans with a pan organiser. This can be installed as vertical/horizontal free standing depending on the space limitations.

Cake Layer Slicer

If you ever had difficulty in slicing cakes properly, then this is for you!Using this kind of  a gadget could bring out a proffessional look from your cake.

Stretchy Food saver

No more mess around finding food wraps or clings to cover container or fruits to place in fridge. This is an ultimate solution for saving your food items in fridge.

Sectioned Cooking Pan

A very innovative idea to cook two or more foods at the same time on the same burner helping you manage time efficiently.

Couch coaster

This gadget helps you relax with a cup of coffee on a couch.It not only holds coffee but can also be used for other purposes like phones, remote etc.

Wet and Dry Spill Cleaner

Heres a quick and easy spill cleanup idea without any mess.

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